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Sensa for Weight Loss? Sprinkle On Your Food


Every now and then, I’ll stumble across a new diet that is making the rounds in the media. Today, I discovered one called Sensa and it was quite interesting to me because unlike most diets, you manage your appetite by sprinkling the food you eat with Sensa. According to the web site, Sensa works by triggering your senses and overcoming the urge to overeat. I can see why many people would...

Improve Digestion – Foods that Make it Easier


This blog talks a lot about food so today I thought I’d talk about the topic of digestion. Poor digestion can lead to a lot of problems so knowing some of the foods that may help digestion can be beneficial. Digestion is the mechanical and chemical breaking down of food into smaller components, to a form that can be absorbed, for instance, by a blood stream. [Source: Wikipedia]...

Health Interview – Vin of Natural Bias


I am pleased to bring you an interview that I conducted with Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Metabolic Typing Advisor, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and health blogger Vin Miller. Vin runs his blog, Natural Bias, which contains a ton of great articles pertaining to health, exercise, lifestyle, and more. 1. Could you provide a little background about yourself? I’m very determined to get as...

Food Cravings Myth


There is a myth that food cravings mean that our bodies are trying to tell us we are lacking something. However, if you think about some of the cravings that you may have had in the past, they may have been for foods that weren’t so healthy. I have read more than once that cravings are more psychological than physical. Many cravings stem from remembering a pleasant memory of eating a...

What’s Better: Cooked Vegetables or Raw?


I stopped drinking coffee recently because I want to cut caffeine out of my diet. I’ve read that there are a ton of chemicals used in the process of removing caffeine from decaf coffee and it is still not 100% caffeine free so that isn’t an option for me. I was not a huge coffee drinker to begin with but I still enjoyed it. I won’t get into the good and bad of coffee because...

Keeping a Food Journal for Clean Eating


I like tracking progress when it comes to certain things. I track my daily workouts, I track work related projects like blogging, as well as books I’ve read, etc. It’s always nice looking back on what I’ve done and decide how I want to move on. I believe tracking what you eat can be a tremendous help, particularly if you are still trying to change your eating habits. There are...

Berry Hype – Are You Paying More for Antioxidants?


You see and hear news all the time about the antioxidant power of certain berries and fruit. Acai, goji, and the pomegranate are the most popular super foods that are being marketed and sold today. Yes, these fruits do contain high-levels of antioxidants but are they much better than our standard fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, oranges, etc.? Paying the Price Many of the now popular...

Do You Drink Milk Just for the Calcium?


I have met people who like drinking milk on a regular basis and those who think milk is no good for our bodies. Like many people, I always viewed milk as a great way to get your calicum. I’m always told by my doctor to make sure I’m getting about 1200 mg of calcium per day. You have probably been told the same thing, especially if you are a woman, because getting enough calcium is...

Using Michi’s Ladder to Carve Your Physique


Our eating habits determine the results we get when it comes to shedding excess pounds and getting fit. It is impossible to reach your fitness and weight loss goals by eating junk food. I’m a P90X® user and even with those challenging workouts, I will not get results if make poor food choices. If you are familiar with P90X then chances are you have heard of Michi’s Ladder...

Frozen Vegetables vs Fresh Vegetables


Have you dealt with throwing away vegetables because by the time you got around to using them, they have gone bad? Sometimes it can be difficult to keep fresh vegetables stocked in the fridge. Before we know it, they begin wilting and it becomes too late to use them. One way to combat this is to shop more often for vegetables so that they are fresh when you’re ready to eat them. The problem...

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